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Our Story

Our family moved to our almost 2 acres in the village of Braeside, Ont. during the summer of 2020. Like so many others during this year, we dreamt of more space to reconnect with nature and to give our three children space to run a little more wild.  It was during this summer that I really started to expand my love of gardening from growing vegetables to  experimenting with different flower varieties.  Bit by bit, trial by trial, the dream of starting my own cut flower garden emerged.  It was however the Dhalia that really got me hooked on growing flowers.  I had never grown a Dhalia before but once the purple petals of that "Thomas Edison" finally emerged in August 2020, I was no longer researching tomatoes!  It was Dhalias all the way!  The winter of 2021 turned into a crash course of everything flowers.  How to grow them?  What is a tuber?  Can I really save seeds?  What does propagation mean?  It has all turned into a bit of an obsession really.  One that my husband Chris was happy to support.  He lovingly calls himself the Facilities Manager of our flower farm.

Over the last two years we have been dreaming, planning, researching, reading gardening books, watching hours of YouTube Channels and eventually taking Floret's 2023 Online Workshop.  I say we because it really has been supported by all members of my family. 

We are now headed into our Second Season of growing! 

It is amazing how much support we received from our community last year! It's going to be a lot of hard work again this year but we look forward to the success and the failures. We look forward to connecting with you this season with our subscriptions, road side stand and at our local market. 

We look forward to sharing our flower varieties with you this growing season.  We hope when you hold them and breath them all in, that they bring you joy and add a lil more happiness to your days and weeks this year. They really are being cultivated with passion, dedication and possibilities from our lilttle family to yours!

The Terkuc Family

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